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Dianne Townsend Soft Form Sets

Hand Made in Small Batches.

The sought after nature of Townsend pastels is largely due to the unique formula. The pastels are very densely pigmented, providing great clarity and excellent covering power. Pumice is utilised as an ingredient in the pastels. The pumice allows the pastel colour to embed into the fibres of the paper it is applied to whilst still maintaining very smooth application.



Set of 12 Light Vibrations $119.95   
Set of 12 Ultra Light $119.95   
Set of 12 Cloud in a Box $119.95   
Set of 12 Artists Choice $119.95    Out of Stock
Set of 12 Primary Intense $119.95   
Set of 12 Hot $119.95    Out of Stock
Set of 12 Misty Mauves $119.95   
Set of 12 Purple Haze $119.95   
Set of 12 Purple and Violet $119.95   
Set of 12 Smokey Blues $119.95   
Set of 12 Mood for Green $119.95   
Set of 12 Damp Earth $119.95   
Set of 12 Grey $119.95   
Set of 12 Night Moods $119.95   
Set of 12 Midnight $119.95   
Set of 12 Dark $119.95   
Set of 12 Metallic $119.95    Out of Stock
Set of 12 Pearl Gems $119.95    Out of Stock
Set of 12 Fluorescent $119.95   
Set of 24 Portrait A $239.95   
Set of 24 Portrait B (Extension) $239.95   
Set of 24 Flesh $239.95    Out of Stock
Set of 24 Landscape A $239.95    Out of Stock
Set of 24 Landscape B (Extension) $239.95   












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