A Permanent Museum Quality Surface

Pastelbord is a clay and gesso coated hardboard panel with a granular marble dust finish comparable to a sanded pastel paper except more durable and more versatile. All traditional pastel techniques can be completed on the board with the surface allowing for many layers to be used. Pastelboard is excellent for plein air painting and travelling as well as in the studio.

Of note is the mixed media capabilities of the boards. You can also use watercolours, inks and acrylics on the board. The board will not buckle, twist or tear with even extensive wet media use.



Ampersand Pastelboard

past_5x7_1/8_gry   5x7 Inches    1/8 Inch Depth    Grey               $6.95   
past_8x10_1/8_gry   8x10 Inches    1/8 Inch Depth    Grey               $13.95   
past_11x14_gry   11x14 Inches    1/8 Inch Depth    Grey               $19.95   
past_16x20_gry   16x20 Inches    1/8 Inch Depth    Grey               $34.95   

past_5x7_1/8_wh   5x7 Inches    1/8 Inch Depth    White               $6.95   
past_8x10_1/8_wh   8x10 Inches    1/8 Inch Depth    White               $13.95   
past_11x14_wh   11x14 Inches    1/8 Inch Depth    White               $19.95   
past_16x20_wh   16x20 Inches    1/8 Inch Depth    White               $34.95   











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