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The Holbein square soft pastels have a firmer consistency than the round pastels. Each stick is made in a square shape for working versatility, whether with the flat sides or the sharp edges. The degree of softness, pigment purity, size and shape as well as the method of packaging have been widely acclaimed by working pastelists.

The manufacturing process is entirely computerized and is mechanized from inception to final product. In the final stages of production, the computer lens scans every stick in order to guarantee even distribution of pigment. This ensures a predictably constant hue for use in sketching, undercoating and finished work.



hol_set_12    Holbein Soft Pastel Set    Assortment of 12 Pastels                        $39.95   
hol_set_24    Holbein Soft Pastel Set    Assortment of 24 Pastels                        $76.95   
hol_set_36    Holbein Soft Pastel Set    Assortment of 36 Pastels                        $112.95   

hol_set_48    Holbein Soft Pastel Set    Assortment of 48 Pastels                        $149.95   
hol_set_48L    Holbein Soft Pastel Set    Landscape set of 48 Pastels                        $149.95   
hol_set_48P    Holbein Soft Pastel Set    Portrait set of 48 Pastels                        $149.95   

hol_set_72    Holbein Soft Pastel Set    Assortment of 72 Pastels                        $224.95   
hol_set_144    Holbein Soft Pastel Set    Full Range of 144 Pastels                     $449.00      $399.00   








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