Express Post for Christmas

We are using Express Post or Fast Courier for all smaller sized items this Christmas (this covers most sets of pastels). For larger sized items we can provide delivery time estimates just give us a call on 02 4957 1050 or use our contact form.

25% Off All Girault Sets

These French Artisan Made Soft Pastels are of the highest quality having been in continuous production since 1780. Exceptional pigment load provides true and vibrant colour whilst the application is easy and flowing. The soft and creamy nature of the pastels lends itself to blending as well as the ability to make consistent accurate strokes with varying degrees of density. Special is strictly whilst stocks last, no backorders will be held.

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20% Off All Schmincke Sets

New Half Stick Sets of 40, 80 and 120.

Special covers all of the Schmincke sets including the new half stick sets, full stick sets and the beautiful wooden box sets. Schmincke are renowned for the intensity of colour they provide, and being a very soft pastel, they are a joy to use.

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Save $300
Art Spectrum Extra Soft Pastel Set of 180

The complete set of the new Art Spectrum Extra Soft Pastels in a high quality wooden box. The foam lined box contains three trays of 60 pastels each. The special is strictly whilst stocks last. The set has been reduced from $1195 to $895.

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The Big Pan Pastel Sale

- 20% Off all Single Pan Pastels
- Over $50 Off the compact sets of 20 (as pictured above)
- All Pearlescent, Metallic and Medium Sets Reduced
- Jason Morgan Wildlife Painting Kit Now Only $109.95
- Donna Downey Mixed Media Kits Now Only $79.95
- Set of 80 Pan Pastels and Accessories Now Only $590 - Save over $300.

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Save $60 on the Sennelier Black Box Set

The Sennelier pastels were first introduced at the turn of the 20th Century. Whilst the colours and tones have evolved the making of the pastels themselves has remained relatively unchanged. The sennelier pastels are highly recommended and are part of the history of colour itself.

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Huge Reductions on Carbothello Sets of 24 and 36

$85 Off Set of 36  |  $50 Off Set of 24

Stabilo CarbOthello Pastel Pencils have a lovely dry stroke which can be easily blended. The pencils have a highly pigmented 4.4mm core which provides high levels of lightfastness and great luminosity and opaqueness.

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10% Off Art Spectrum Soft Pastel Singles

Art Spectrum are the Australian Pastel. The range contains many colours suitable to our landscapes such as Flinders Blue Violet, Australian Leaf Green, Australian Grey and Tasman Blue. If you are painting Australian landscapes the Art Spectrum pastels can help capture those unique scenes.

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$150 Off Art Spectrum Soft Pastel Set of 154

The complete set of Art Spectrum Soft Pastels. The box contains three trays of pastels and provides additional room for extra pastels as needed. Limited stock.

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Up to $300 Off Rembrandt Wooden Box Sets

Special is strictly Whilst Stocks Last. No backorders will be held. Rembrandt pastels are towards the harder end of the scale in terms of softness. This allows many techniques and effects to be implemented which are a lot harder with the very soft pastels. They have very good lightfastness and are free of pigments based on lead, cadmium and cobalt.

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Up to $500 Off Sennelier Big Sets

King Set of 525 pastels, $500 Off. Assorted Set of 250 pastels, $300 Off. Assorted set of 175 Pastels, $200 Off. Special is strictly Whilst Stocks Last. No backorders will be held.

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Save $30 on the CrayPas Specialist Oil Pastel Set of 88

Cray Pas Specialist oil pastels are artist grade. They are made from highly concentrated premium quality pigments, wax and oil to provide professionals with a superb creamy texture that facilitates blend-ability, and can be used in combination with a variety of painting mediums.

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$35 Off Bruynzeel Pastel Pencil Set of 48

Bruynzeel pastel pencils are rich and buttery, yet firm. They have strong colour release and resist crumbling which is great for finer lines and sharpening. The pencils are 3.7mm wide with the colour strip being perfecly centred within a cedar casing. The well balanced colour range and excellent lightfastness make them a great choice for artists.

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Three New Terry Ludwig Sets Now Available

We have added three new Terry Ludwig sets to our range. The sets are
- Shades of Nature
- Neutral Greens
- Umber Shadows and Shades

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Pastels - Pure and Vibrant

Pastel painting takes you back to the origins of colour. Lying somewhere between sketching and painting, pastels encompas the best of both. Pure enjoyment resulting in beautiful art works.


A Guide to Softness

Soft Pastels vary in their degree of softness and we are often asked about this. The list below is arranged from softest to hardest and is based on our experience.

Ultra Soft Pastels

Pan Pastels
United States, 92 Colours

Very Soft Pastels

Germany, 400 Colours

Blue Earth
United States, 336 Colours

Art Spectrum Extra Soft
Australia, 180 Colours

France, 525 Colours

Creamy Soft Pastels

Terry Ludwig
United States, Selected Sets

England, 402 Colours

France, 525 Colours

Medium Soft Pastels

Holland, 218 Colours

Art Spectrum
Australia, 154 Colours

Japan, 144 Colours

Hard Pastels

United States, 96 Colours

United States, Selected Colours

France/China, 48 Colours














AS Soft AS Extra Soft Blue Earth
Conte Generals Girault
Holbein Nupastel Pan Pastels
Rembrandt Schmincke Sennelier
Terry Ludwig Unison  
Oil Pastels
Cray Pas Sennelier  
Ampersand Colourfix Hahnemuhle
Mi-Teintes Mi-Teintes Tex Pastelmat
Sennelier UART Premium  
Pastel Pencils
Bruynzeel Carbothello Conte
Blenders Charcoal Primers
Sofft Tools Storage  

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