20% Off Townsend Terrages Sets

Terrages pastels are much larger than regular pastels and made into a square shape that can accept a more vigorous and forceful application without crumbling. These pastels were developed in conjunction with Wolf Kahn to achieve the consistency he wanted.

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15% Off Uart Pads

Uart paper is the most popular pastel paper in America. The pads are available in three grades which are 400, 600 and 800. Regardless of the grade, Uart has an extremely consistent sanded surface which allows you to work with complete confidence from edge to edge. The paper handles many layers of pastel with ease and fixative is generally not required. The paper also accepts underpainting with oils, watercolour, alcohol, inks and acrylic.

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15% Off Schmincke Half Stick Sets

Three limited edition half stick sets from Schmincke are available. Schmincke pastels are one of the softest pastels on the market, a joy to use which takes you back to the origins of colour.

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15% Off Hahnemuhle Velour Paper

Hahnemuhle Velour Pastel Paper is a 260gsm pastel paper with a wonderful soft surface. The velour is applied generously and consistently to a smooth acid-free paper to create a very soft and velvety working surface. Pastels go onto the paper with ease and colour can be layered very well.

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$25 Off Unison Sets of 18

Three 18 sets are available including an Assorted Set, Portrait Set and a Landscape Set. The sets have been reduced by $25 to be only $144.95. Unison pastels have a fantastic texture which results from them being hand rolled rather than extruded. The pastels are based on traditional pigments such as cadmiums, cobalts and natural and synthetic earths as these pigments have stood the test of time.

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15% Off Susans Garden Flower Painting Kits

Three Susans Garden painting kits are available including two sets of 10 and one set of 7. Susan Tierney Cockburn is known worldwide for her beautiful handmade paper flowers. Using her unique techniques to create flowers from paper, she then colours them with PanPastel for realistic colourful blooms. Pan pastels are very blendable which allows you to mix colours to extend your palette. They are also very painterly as you can create very delicate marks and veils whilst also having the ability to block in large areas very quickly. The Pan Pastels mix very well with regular pastels and using them together gives you the advantages of both.

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$30 Off Sennelier Sets of 80 Half Sticks

Sennelier Soft Pastels are very soft with fantastic colour laydown. There are two sets of 80 Half Sticks, an Assorted Set and a Plein Air Landscape Set. Both sets have a very well chosen selection with good colour balance. The sets have been reduced by $30 to only $169.95.

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10% Off Art Spectrum Extra Soft Single Pastels

Art Spectrum Extra Soft Pastels are the softest pastels made by Art Spectrum. The pastels are rectangular in shape which allows for either broad strokes using the flat side of the pastel or detailed strokes using the edges. Layout and painting can be achieved using the end of the pastels in the same way as you would use a round pastel.

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10% Off Bruynzeel Pastel Pencil Singles

Bruynzeel pastel pencils are rich and buttery, yet firm. They have strong colour release and resist crumbling which is great for finer lines and sharpening. The pencils are 3.7mm wide with the colour strip being perfecly centred within a cedar casing. The well balanced colour range and excellent lightfastness make them a great choice for artists.

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The Big Pan Pastel Sale

- 15% Off Susans Garden Flower Painting Kits
- $30 Off Joanne Barby Sets
- Sets of 10 Pan Pastels 10% Off
- Single Pan Pastels from $9.45
- Compact sets of 20 only $144.95, Save $41.70
- Set of 80 Pan Pastels and Accessories Now Only $592.50 including free postage (pictured above).

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Pastel Premier Paper Now Available

Pastel Premier is a 100% Cotton, Acid Free, Archival Quality Paper made in the USA. It has the most beautiful working surface that grips and holds many layers of pastel. The unique surface is created by double priming the 100% cotton base paper and then coating it with aluminium oxide abrasive. A final seal layer is then applied making the surface incredibly durable and able to withstand reworking and scrubbing with ease.

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Schmincke Super Special
Set of 11 now only $34.95

Save over 50% on this set of 11 Pastels. Schmincke pastels contain the purest medium fine ground artistís pigments in the highest possible concentration. Contrastingly, the binder is kept to a minimum. This provides for one of the softest pastels on the market, a joy to use which takes you back to the origins of colour.

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Paint Big with Colourfix XL

Twice the Size of Regular Colourfix

Colourfix XL has arrived. Colourfix XL is twice the size of the regular sheets being 100x70cm. Available in the Original surface in five colours which are White, Australian Grey, Terracotta, Storm Blue and Black. Exclusive to softpastels.com.au.

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New Pastel Sets from Schmincke

Three new limited edition sets have been released. They are:
- Set of 9, Flowers
- Set of 9, Sea and Sky
- Set of 50, Assorted Colours.

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New Pastel Sets from Unison

Unison have release two new Emma Colbert Animal painting sets. One is 16 Half Sticks and the other is 30 Half Sticks. Great colour selction in the economical half stick format.

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The Australian Pastel Expo 2020

The Australian Pastel Expo will be running again in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast during 9-13 September 2020. Headline tutors include Gwenneth Barth, Lyn Diefenbach, Rita Kirkman and Julie and Michael Freeman. An event not to be missed for keen pastellists. Reserve the dates in your calendar. For now, you can view some information on the Expo web site. The organisers will update the web site over time as the event becomes closer.

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Pastels - Pure and Vibrant

Pastel painting takes you back to the origins of colour. Lying somewhere between sketching and painting, pastels encompas the best of both. Pure enjoyment resulting in beautiful art works.


A Guide to Softness

Soft Pastels vary in their degree of softness and we are often asked about this. The list below is arranged from softest to hardest and is based on our experience.

Ultra Soft Pastels

Pan Pastels
United States, 92 Colours

Very Soft Pastels

Germany, 400 Colours

Blue Earth
United States, 336 Colours

Art Spectrum Extra Soft
Australia, 180 Colours

France, 525 Colours

Creamy Soft Pastels

Terry Ludwig
United States, Selected Sets

England, 402 Colours

Townsend Soft Form
United States, 408 Colours

Townsend Terrages
United States, 190 Colours

France, 300 Colours

Medium Soft Pastels

Holland, 218 Colours

Art Spectrum
Australia, 154 Colours

Japan, 144 Colours

Hard Pastels

United States, 96 Colours

United States, Selected Colours

France/China, 48 Colours














AS Soft AS Extra Soft Blue Earth
Conte Generals Girault
Holbein Nupastel Pan Pastels
Rembrandt Schmincke Sennelier
Terry Ludwig Townsend Unison
Oil Pastels
Cray Pas Sennelier  
Ampersand Colourfix Hahnemuhle
Mi-Teintes Mi-Teintes Touch Pastelmat
Pastel Premier Sennelier UART Premium
Pastel Pencils
Bruynzeel Carbothello Conte
Blenders Charcoal Primers
Sofft Tools Storage  

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