$200 Off Rembrandt Set of 225

Rembrandt Set of 225

The ultimate set of Rembrandt pastels in a beautiful wooden box. The wooden box is a work of art in itself.

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25% Off Conte Pastel Pencil Set of 48

Conte Pastel Pencil Set

Conte Pastel Pencils can be sharpened to a fine point for detailed work but are equally useful for creating larger areas of colour. The large diameter of the Conte pastel pencil (5 mm) lead gives genuine freedom of creation and has an unrivalled feel.

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25% Off Sennelier Sets of 30 Half Sticks

Sennelier Pastel Set 30 Half Sets

There are four different sets of 30 Half Sticks which are Lanscape, Urban, Seaside and General Assortment. The sets are very compact and great for travelling and Plein Air painting or just simply to try out the Sennelier pastels.

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15% Off Pan Pastel Stes of 20

Pan Pastel Set of 20

Pan Pastels are ultra soft professional artistsí pastels packed in a unique pan format. Pan pastels are very blendable which allows you to mix colours to extend your palette. They are also very 'painterly' as you can create very delicate marks and veils whilst also having the ability to block in large areas very quickly. The Pan Pastels mix very well with regular pastels and using them together gives you the advantages of both.

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10% Off Hahnemuhle Pastel Pads

Hahnemuhle Pastel Pads

Hahnemuhle make a very well regarded range of pastel papers. The special on the pads includes Pastel 100% Cotton Sketch, Pastellfix and Velour.

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NEW - UART Premium Pastel Paper

UART Pastel Paper

- Seven sanded paper grades, now you can find the grade that's right for you.
- Consistent surface and grade from edge to edge.
- PH Neutral, Acid Free, Archival quality paper.
- Handles many layers with ease with excellent grip and reduced dust.
- Accepts acrylic, ink, watercolour and oil for optimal underpainting
- No fixative required.

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Pastels - Pure and Vibrant

Pastel painting takes you back to the origins of colour. Lying somewhere between sketching and painting, pastels encompas the best of both. Pure enjoyment resulting in beautiful art works.


A Guide to Softness

Soft Pastels vary in their degree of softness and we are often asked about this. The list below is arranged from softest to hardest and is based on our experience.

Ultra Soft Pastels

Pan Pastels
United States, 92 Colours

Very Soft Pastels

Germany, 400 Colours

Blue Earth
United States, 336 Colours

France, 525 Colours

Creamy Soft Pastels

England, 402 Colours

Medium Soft Pastels

Holland, 218 Colours

Art Spectrum
Australia, 154 Colours

Japan, 144 Colours

Hard Pastels

United States, 96 Colours

United States, Selected Colours

France/China, 48 Colours














Art Spectrum Blue Earth Conte
Generals Holbein Nupastel
Pan Pastels Rembrandt Schmincke
Sennelier Unison  
Colourfix Fisher 400 Hahnemuhle
Mi-Teintes Mi-Teintes Tex Pastelmat
Sennelier UART Premium  
Accessories Charcoal Pencils
Primers Sofft Tools Storage
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