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Unison Pastel Sets

16 Half Stick Emma Colbert Animal $78.95   
30 Half Stick Emma Colbert Animal $159.95   
Set 18 Full Stick Emma Colbert Animal $169.95   
Set 36 Full Stick Emma Colbert Animal $324.99   

Lisa Ober Portrait Set of 18 $169.95   

Les Darlow Landscape Set of 18 $169.95   
Robert Dutton Moorland Set of 36 $324.99   

Tricia Taylor 63 Half Stick Seascape Set $324.99   
Tricia Taylor 72 Full Stick Seascape Set $599.95    Out of Stock
Michelle Lucking Beach Set of 36 $324.99   

16 Half Stick Starter Set $78.95   
16 Half Stick Landscape Set $78.95   
16 Half Stick Portrait Set $78.95   
30 Half Stick Assortment $159.95   
63 Half Stick Assortment $324.99   
120 Half Stick Assortment $649.95   

Midnight Set of 8 $59.95    Out of Stock
Portrait Colours Set of 12 $99.95   
Ocean Blue Colours Set of 12 $99.95    Out of Stock

Assorted Starter Set of 18 $169.95   
Botanical Set of 18 $169.95   
Landscape Set of 18 $169.95   
Portrait Set of 18 $169.95   
Dark Colours Set of 18 $169.95   
Light Colours Set of 18 $169.95   

Assorted Set of 36 $324.99   
Light and Shade Set of 36 $324.99   
Landscape set of 36 $324.99   
Portrait Set of 36 $324.99   

Assorted Set of 72 $599.95   
Landscape set of 72 $599.95   
Portrait Set of 72 $599.95    Out of Stock















A unique hand rolled pastel from England which excells at blending and features intense colours.

Unison pastels have a fantastic texture which results from them being hand rolled rather than extruded. The pastels are based on traditional pigments such as cadmiums, cobalts and natural and synthetic earths as these pigments have stood the test of time.

Unison Colour began in the early 1980s when Artist John Hersey found that mass-produced, factory made pastels simply did not offer the qualities he was looking for, and so he decided to make his own.

There are currently 374 colours in the Unison range which are arranged in colour groups of complimentary tones and shades which allows for intuative selection of colours.

Colour Chart

AS Soft AS Extra Soft Blue Earth
Conte Generals Girault
Holbein Nupastel Pan Pastels
Rembrandt Schmincke Sennelier
Terry Ludwig Townsend Unison
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Cray Pas Sennelier  
Ampersand Colourfix Hahnemuhle
Mi-Teintes Mi-Teintes Touch Pastelmat
Pastel Premier Sennelier UART Premium
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