Terry Ludwig Pastel Set





Set of 60 Skies and Water Liz Hayward-Sullivan     $525.00  



Set of 60 Skies and Water by Liz Hayward-Sullivan. Colours included are:
B450 T070 B060 B160 A320 N260 V060 B590 N070 N048 G510 G770
B470 T170 B080 B165 Y075 A150 V510 B610 V560 N042 B290 G390
B390 T190 B090 B190 V386 A112 N090 B620 N082 N043 V330 Y160
T060 T360 B130 B095 A300 R340 V500 B615 N084 B535 G580 N440
T200 T370 B150 B200 A310 R330 V190 N044 N005 B515 V390 N210

Please note that the manufacturers will reserve the right to change the contents of a set without notice. This may happen without us being aware. Generally, this will be substitution of some colours.







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