Schmincke Pastel Set


Set of 40 Half Sticks     $127.46  



Limited Edition set of 40 Half Stick Schmincke pastels. Colours included are:
- 007M Titanium Yellow
- 029O Olive Ochre Light
- 016D Flesh Ochre
- 017D Orange Ochre
- 013D Ochre Light
- 010H Orange Light
- 009D Vanadium Yellow Deep
- 008D Vanadium Yellow Light
- 005H Orange Deep
- 041H Scarlet
- 046D Carmine Red
- 040O Vermilion
- 022O English Red
- 044O Permanent Red 3 Deep
- 047O Rose Madder
- 049D Purple
- 063O Ultramarine Deep
- 091O Grey Blue 1
- 062H Ultramarine Light
- 690D Cerulean Blue
- 060D Ultramarine Blue Deep
- 062B Ultramarine Light
- 065B Greenish Blue
- 069B Bluish Green Deep
- 086O Olive Green 2
- 084O Chromium Oxide Green
- 077O May Green
- 077H May Green
- 070H Leaf Green Deep
- 086D Olive Green 2
- 074B Phthalo Green Deep
- 093D Greenish Grey 1
- 001D White
- 098N Neutral Grey
- 098L Neutral Grey
- 095M Cold Grey
- 099D Black
- 035B Burnt Umber
- 043B Bordeaux
- 023D Caput Mortuum Pale

Please note that the manufacturers will reserve the right to change the contents of a set without notice. This may happen without us being aware. Generally, this will be substitution of some colours.







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