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Blue Earth Pastel Sets

Set of 12 Primary Colours $74.95   
Set of 12 Darkest Darks $74.95   

Set of 28 Portrait Foundation $174.95   
Set of 28 Portrait Expansion $174.95   
Set of 28 Portrait Highlights and Lowlights $174.95   

Set of 28 Landscape Foundation $174.95   
Set of 28 Landscape Expansion $174.95   
Set of 28 Landscape Water and Shoreline $174.95   

Set of 28 Drifter Travel Set $174.95   
Set of 56 Nomad Travel Set $349.95   

Set of 28 Quindo Pink Colours $174.95   
Set of 28 Red Colours $174.95   
Set of 28 Orange Colours $174.95   
Set of 28 Yellow Colours $174.95   
Set of 28 Lemon Colours $174.95   
Set of 28 Green Earth Colours $174.95   
Set of 28 Turquoise Colours $174.95   
Set of 28 Cerulean Colours $174.95   
Set of 28 Blue Colours $174.95   
Set of 28 Violet Colours $174.95   
Set of 28 Nearly Neutral Warm Colours $174.95   
Set of 28 Nearly Neutral Cool Colours $174.95   

Full set of 336 pastels $1995.00   















Blue Earth Pastels are made in the town of Blue Earth, Minnesota, USA by artists Jim and Ross Pollard in a restored 1890s building.

The pastels are organised by hue, value and intensity. This traditional approach to organising colour is intuitive and makes finding the right colour very easy.

The pastels are very soft and have a rectangle shape allowing work to be completed with an edge or as you would with a round pastel. The pastels are shorter than the traditional round pastels but are chunkier and have excellent covering power.

The sets come in an innovative foam pallet which allows you to peel back a layer of foam to expose the pastels for working.

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