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Art Spectrum Soft Pastel Sets

Set of 6 Extra Soft Round Warm Tints $32.50   
Set of 6 Extra Soft Round Cool Tints $32.50   

Set of 6 Lightest Lights $32.50   
Set of 6 Darkest Darks $32.50   
Set of 6 Black White and In-between $32.50   
Set of 6 Blues and Violets $32.50   
Set of 6 Fiery Warms $32.50   
Set of 6 Red Wine and Roses $32.50   
Set of 6 Summer Greens $32.50    Out of Stock
Set of 6 Winter Greens $32.50    Out of Stock
Set of 6 Rich Earths $32.50   
Set of 6 Autum Earths $32.50   
Set of 6 Stone Tones $32.50   

Assortment of 20 Half Stick Pastels $59.95   
Assortment of 40 Half Stick Pastels $119.95   
Colourfix Colours set of 20 Half Sticks $59.95   

Life Drawing Set of 12 $59.95   

Set of 15 Assorted in a Tin $84.95   
Set of 15 Dark Colours in a Tin $84.95   
Set of 15 Grey Tonal in a Tin $84.95   
Set of 15 Portrait in a Tin $84.95   
Set of 15 Life Drawing in a Tin $84.95   
Set of 15 Landscape in a Tin $84.95   
Set of 15 Waterscape in a Tin $84.95   
Set of 15 Sunrise and Sunset in a Tin $84.95   

Set of 30 Assorted Pastels $149.95   
Set of 30 Dark Colours $149.95   
Set of 30 Landscape Colours $149.95   
Set of 30 Portrait Colours $149.95   
Set of 30 Seascape Colours $149.95   
Set of 30 Flower Colours $149.95   

Set of 15 Assorted in a Wooden Box $84.95   
Set of 60 Assorted in a Double Tray Wooden Box $349.95   
Full Set of 154 Pastels in a Wooden Box $995.00   






















Art Spectrum Soft Pastels provide the artist with colours that are pure, brilliant and intense, and remain that way.

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The very best pigments are selected and triple milled at maximum concentration to bring out the finest colour and provide the rich, velvety bloom valued by pastellists. This method of production produces smouldering darks, brilliant and intense pure colours and a range of subtle and delicate tints. All Art Spectrum pure pigment pastels are free from heavy metals, asbestos or other toxic substances.

AS Soft AS Extra Soft Blue Earth
Conte Girault Holbein
Nupastel Pan Pastels Rembrandt
Renesans Schmincke Sennelier
Terry Ludwig Townsend Unison
Oil Pastels
Renesans Sennelier  
Colourfix Hahnemuhle Lux Archival
Mi-Teintes Mi-Teintes Touch Pastelboard
Pastelmat Pastel Premier Sennelier
UART Premium    
Pastel Pencils
Bruynzeel Carbothello Conte
Blenders Charcoal Fixative
Primers Sofft Tools Storage

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