Single Art Spectrum Extra Soft Pastels

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Art Spectrum Extra Soft Pastel Sets

Set of 10 Highlights $64.75   
Set of 10 Yellows $64.75   
Set of 10 Reds $64.75   
Set of 10 Violets $64.75   
Set of 10 Turquoise and Blue $64.75   
Set of 10 Greens $64.75   
Set of 10 Australian Earths $64.75   
Set of 10 Ochres and Siennas $64.75   
Set of 10 Umber $64.75   
Set of 10 Warm Greys $64.75   
Set of 10 Cool Greys $64.75   
Set of 10 Dark Colours $64.75   
Set of 10 Black and White plus Metallic $64.75   

Set of 20 Temperate Landscape $127.50   
Set of 20 Arid Landscape $127.50   
Set of 20 Skin Tones $127.50   
Set of 20 Portrait $127.50   
Set of 20 Violet $127.50   

Set of 30 Earth $192.50   

Wooden Box set of 180 - The Complete Set $1295.00   















Art Spectrum Extra Soft Pastels are the softest pastels made by Art Spectrum

The pastels are rectangular in shape which allows for either broad strokes using the flat side of the pastel or detailed strokes using the edges. Layout and painting can be achieved using the end of the pastels in the same way as you would use a round pastel.

The pastels are quite open in their consistency and not dense at all which allows you to lightly lay down colour very quickly. The pastels can be best characterised as having a light creamy texture.

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