Fisher Paper Update
The new distributor for Fisher paper is currently waiting for the the paper to be manufactured. We expect this to take some time. We will let everyone know via the newsletter when the paper is available again. We will also update this page as soon as we have stock available. The closest alternative in the mean time is UART 400.


Fisher 400 Art Paper is a high quality sanded paper designed by well known UK pastel artist Tim Fisher. It is 360gsm, waterproof, pH neutral and highly durable.

The texture of the paper is extremely uniform and provides excellent layering which allows for fine detail as well as expressive use of colour. As the paper is waterproof you can create any background colour, or underpaint, using any water based medium including watercolour, inks and acrylics. This characteristic opens up many mixed media possibilities. Also noteable is the lack of pastel dust when using this paper. As it holds the pastel so well dust can be significantly reduced and fixative application is generally not required.

The paper is available in one colour only (Classic) as you can create any background colour you wish by using any water based medium such as ink or fluid acrylic.

Large sheets are denoted with an  L. There is a 5 sheet minimum for the large sheets. You can mix any colours or brands to reach the five sheet minimum.



Fisher 400 Pastel Paper

fish_q_1    Quarter Sheet    35x25cm                  $4.95    Out of Stock
fish_q_pk10    Quarter Sheet Pack of 10    35x25cm                  $42.50    Out of Stock
fish_h_1    Half Sheet    35x50cm                  $9.00    Out of Stock
fish_h_pk5    Half Sheet Pack of 5    35x50cm                  $42.50    Out of Stock
fish_full    Full Sheet    70x50cm       L            $16.95    Out of Stock

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